It’s the year 2016, and technological advantage is starting to progress once again, along with some innovative ways for people to gain a decent stream of income. There are lots of industries in India that are discovering new things to improve our modern life further, thus making our way of living more convenient.

The following industries are perfect for start-ups as the demand will surely increase through time. Here are the top seven industries that are perfect for start-ups in India:

Drone Manufacturing

A lot of people are getting more interested with drones due to their versatility in capturing videos – which is very entertaining in social media. Some experts in delivery, surveillance, research and even hunting are demanding these products because of its great usability. Expect that there’s more potential to this product in the future as it gets discovered for a lot of purposes, and good news is that administrations around the world are starting to regularize its usage too.

Travel Apps


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Travelling has to be more convenient as the number of backpackers all over the world is constantly on the rise. You can take advantage of the popularity of this industry in order to create an app for booking in some accommodations that some popular sites never noticed back then. There will be travellers that will surely love those types of apps as they provide easier options for them to get accommodated, especially if you offer more affordable deals.

Fraud Protection Software

Due to the technology rising, there are lots of scams happening online. There are lots of fraudulent transactions happening in the world every now and then, and it’s a very alarming matter. With the help of software development for fraud detection and protection, expect that a lot of companies and even rich people will seek your aid once you start selling a reliable one that suits their needs.

Corporate Wellness

With the internet and our busy workload making us sick due to lack of exercise, as well as the fact that pollution is getting worse in the country, along with healthcare getting more expensive than ever, a lot of employees are aiming for a better lifestyle. Corporate wellness can be your target industry where you can start up, and it will surely help you and a lot of people in the long run.

Food Industry

The food industry is always in-demand to a lot of people, and this can be a good way for you to start your own brand to help people get stuffed, and at the same time help others franchise their own branch. You can even exploit this industry to create convenient means of delivering food using other restaurants by being affiliated with them.

Gaming Industry


Games are appealing to both kids and adults nowadays, especially with apps where easier games can be played. Ever since a few years ago, there are lots of industries from around the world that earned a decent amount of income thanks to games. You also need to know that virtual reality is starting to emerge nowadays, and thinking about a decent game with appealing content is surely a great idea!

Building Materials


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We are not just talking about plain hardware here. There are some industries nowadays which learned that there are materials that are made from renewable resources and can reduce pollution – something that we critically need in this modern world. With these materials, surely a lot of contractors and other clients will favour your contribution towards a better environment.

These are just the top seven industries that you can explore and invest in this modern era. All you have to do is to commit towards learning one of these, and rest assured that earnings will come in a greater way than you have imagined.