Many people do blogging as a profession. India is a country full of bloggers, full time or part-time. In India blogging is considered a part-time job. Online work is a part-time job. I will share facts on blogging in the Indian community.


Facts about blogging in India

  • Not everyone likes to work at home

The Indian community is a very conservative type of society. Working at home in India is considered as a part-time job and mainly for passive income. A person aged 23-35 years old and is working at home all the time is not generally acceptable in the society. It’s easy to say that people don’t care what others might think or say, but it really does matter. Many top bloggers in India and bloggers in Kolkata have experienced these stages in their lives.


  • Blogging is hard to explain to other people


Many bloggers in India and top bloggers in Kolkata find it hard to explain on what is blogging and how you can make money from it. People are confused because they don’t know a thing on blogging. They can’t fully understand that working online can be a source of active income. The majority of the Indian population doesn’t know anything about blogging or blogs.


How can you make a difference

You can make a difference in the Indian community by the following:

  • Educate people

Bloggers in India and bloggers in Kolkata should introduce blogging to other people. They should invite people that are in need for work to blog or work online. Encourage them to blog and make a change. You can earn passive income through blogging, and it may be your next big thing. Encourage others that they can make a difference, educate the society and make a name for themselves. They may be a part of introducing passive income for themselves and others.


  • Let them know you can gain money through blogging.

Top bloggers in India and top bloggers in Kolkata gain a lot of money through blogging. Money is one way of encouraging people to blog or to do online work. Everybody needs money. If people will know that blogging is fun and you can gain profit from it at the same time, blogging or online work will be known in the society. Many bloggers in India gain 1-10 lakh every month from blogging. It is equal to 2-3 years income of a software engineer.

  • In blogging there, is a need for cooperation

Blogs influence the decision making and way of thinking of the readers. Many companies take blogging seriously. They are also engaged with other bloggers. Many mobile companies are working with bloggers for them to write and publish a word out of their product. Many companies have budgets for events around blogging.

Blogging is not just a mere creation of words. It involves creation of ideas that can inspire and lead people from all walks of life. Thus, it’s really worth introducing and propagating in the society.