In terms of candid photography, Indian wedding industry has been the latest bloomer. No matter how immensely popular Indian weddings are, if one were to browse through photographs depicting an authentic ceremony, they would come off somewhat as tediously repetitive, overtly loud and pompous. Hence, the emergence of candid photography was inevitable. We have had enough with the forced smiles and the zoom in on the expensive jewelleries. It’s time we defy the conventions and make weddings as realistic as life.

It is a truth universally accepted that pre-wedding days are sweeter and more exciting than the wedding itself and the life that follows .Since every relationship has a story to share modern age photography focuses on the pretext of weddings to build a storyline. There is so much more to a wedding ceremony than extra calorie food and gorgeous lehangas! On your auspicious day you want to capture and preserve every minute detail, be it your diabetes suffering uncle secretly slipping in sweets or your sister eyeing at your best friend. All these memories make the day worth remembering for a lifetime.


If we travel back in time and analyze the nature of Indian wedding photography we can trace a remarkable evolution through time. The very concept of wedding photography in India has changed in ways more than one. Apart from technological changes, the way people look at and perceive of ceremonies and marriages have taken a noticeable turn. There are newly emerging young photographers who have taken into the wedding thing quite seriously, the result of which shows up amply on social networking sites like facebook and twitter. Most photographers prefer a pre-wedding shoot prior to the ceremony. It takes more than fancy DSLR and multiple edits to make each picture worth preserving. For that,

  • You need a photographer who clicks not with the lenses by with the eye of his heart.
  • Pour your heart out to him/ her, let your photographer create a panoramic collage of your romantic lifelong journey.
  • It is best if you can take your photographer to the places familiar to you and your partner, places where you have made fond memories together.
  • Get yourselves clicked a handful of candid shots but most importantly, let the photographer improvise and follow his/her instinct.
  • Don’t be too picky and sassy or ask for multiple shots. Candid photography is all about careless expression of emotions represented in the most realistic way.

If you are willing to have such honest and realistic remembrance of your wedding day, it is most advisable you hire a photographer who knows you and the nature of your relationship. A friend will bring out the best of your day better than any professional stranger. Since the entire idea of photography is to reach out to things that go unnoticed and underrated, the new age of transition attempts to concretize the very aspect of it. There is no point in clicking endless pictures if none of it takes you down the memory lane just at a glance! The evolution of photography in India goes on to show just the opposite of that.