Traveling and blogging are strongly connected, and the combination between those two things is one of the most appreciated in the blogging world.

Top travel bloggers in India are trying to offer to their readers the best information and guides for the best holiday spent in India. Helpful information about travelling in India will make you save some money, visit the best places and the most amazing regions of India, but in the same time you’ll be able to find the best accommodation for you, your family or your friends.

Here are some of the top travel bloggers in India and their blog name:

  • Venkat Ganesh – India Backpack Motorbike
  • Siddhartha Joshi – The wanderer
  • Sankara – Be on the Road
  • Rajesh Prabhu – My India Travel
  • Prasad Np – Desi Traveler
  • Niranjan Das – Tales of a Nomad
  • Lakshmi Sharath – Laskhmi’s travel blog
  • Charukesi – Charukesi
  • Bhushaveli Nataranjan – My Travelogue


Those are some of the bloggers from India that regularly upload their web pages with fresh content that will help you plan your trip to their country.

Probably you will want to take some pictures while travelling in India, or anywhere else and following those blogs and learning things from their posts you’ll also be able to learn the basics about photography because some of the bloggers are posting about that.

Usually people have more than one passion, so you’ll find other valuable information on the above blogs, not just important tips on how to plan your vacation in India and what to visit there.


You should know that those bloggers from the top travel bloggers in India are talking and writing from their own experiences, so they will offer you the best advice about your holiday in India. It is important to learn from a person who already had similar experiences with the ones that you’ll have when you’ll go there, so he can help you knowing exactly what are the best options in some situations.

Don’t hesitate to ask on forums or to comment on bloggers comment section if you have any doubts, questions or anything else related to your trip to India. Most of them will respond as soon as possible, offering you the best advice and information they know. This is a good way to avoid some things, like forgetting to bring important accessories, or any other things. Reading about Indian travel blogs you’ll be prepared when you’ll go there and you’ll know exactly what to expect in some situations.

It’s good to be informed and aware of some things, and using the internet you’ll able to do that. Plan your trip to India carefully, do a little research and look out for the things you like and you would love to visit because it’s clear that you won’t have enough time to visit everything if you don’t stay there at least a few months.