With the fast pace of technology development, blogging has been a big thing for many countries around the world, including India. Blogging is constantly becoming more and more popular each day; it’s almost like a part of the usual every day routine of every Indian blogger.

In this article, we will talk about many different evidences that just show how popular blogging is in India. Here are the proofs:

  • Blogging as a career option

Blogging is so popular in India, that it actually became the most common career option many individuals choose to take. After all, sitting in front of the computer all day sounds like a very easy, interesting job to have. But in real life, that’s not actually how it looks like.

To excel in a blogging career, one will have to be one of the top bloggers in India, and it takes more than a lot of effort to achieve that.

  • Hundreds of good blogs

Different bloggers in India post hundreds of blogs each day, contributing to 152 million of blogs posted in a year in the World Wide Web. This only shows how blogs and blogging itself have become a big thing in India.

There has also been a lot of top bloggers in India who have made noise in the internet not just in India but also outside the country. These bloggers in India came from the different parts of the country like Kolkata. There are many different types of bloggers in Kolkata who have distinct blogging skills and techniques, which have helped them to become the top bloggers in Kolkata.

  • India as a home of great bloggers

English may not be the first language of Indians, but most of them can actually speak the universal language fluently. This is the very reason why blogging is becoming even more famous for many bloggers in India. Indians have a common eagerness to learn the English language and explore more of the foreign world.

Moreover, one of the places in India that contribute the best blogs on the web is Kolkata. There are fairly many bloggers in Kolkata, IndiaRajdeep Bhattacharjee, Sagarika Dev, and Anupriya Dutta Gupta are only a few of the top bloggers in Kolkata.

It really is amazing how through the years, blogging has become so popular and has reached almost every corner of the world. In some extent, it has made a lot of impact in different aspects of our lives. Let’s continue to read, write, and support blogs for a better future.