indian entrepreneurs

Being the second most populated country in the world, after China, India is a country that has many local entrepreneurs, but they also have world wide known people that run some of the most important business in the world.

Indian entrepreneurs have a large working area, providing high quality services and products from different fields: from IT and Telecommunications to foods and pharmaceutical industry.

We will present some of the best business people from India and some relevant things about their niche, their life and business career.

Adi Godrej

We all know this Indian businessman who was declared the riches man on Earth in 2015, having around $4 billion net worth.

After finishing the studies, Adi Godrej returned back to his family, in India, and he continued the business started by his parents. He improved and modernized the family business based on locks manufacturing and soaps, preparing it for the globalization process.

He is also known for his philanthropy, supporting the Wildlife find in his home country, India.

Kiran Mazumdar

For those who don’t know Kiran Mazumdar, she’s in top 85 most powerful woman from the entire world, which can say a lot about her and her career.

Her business started in the garage of her renter house, and everything was very tough in the beginning because of the lack of money and uneducated workers.

She started with the extraction of enzymes from different plants, and she succeeded to export those enzymes to USA an other European countries. This way, her business was the first in this field to succeeded to send the product outside of India, for commercialization.

After that, Kiran Mazumdar expended her business to bio-pharmaceutical products. The main purpose of this business was to fight and to do research on different human diseases, like auto-immune diseases, oncology, different types of diabetes and others.

Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra is one of the Indian entrepreneurs who continued an inherited business and took it to the highest peaks of success.

As we said before, he is now managing the Mahindra Group, a company founded by his grandfather. The niche of the business is focused on steel trading.

The products that his company produces are used in many industry sectors, including car industry and aerospace.

An important distinction for Anand Mahindra is his presence on the list of top 50 greatest leaders, a list made in 2014. As most of the successful entrepreneurs, he’s also involved in charity and philantropical activities, promoting the education for girls in India.

Those are just three of the most influential and important Indian entrepreneurs that live and run their business in India. There are also many more that are growing their businesses daily and one day they’ll be in the place where those three are now.

Because of the high speed globalization process, being an successful entrepreneur is easier nowadays than it was 10 or 20 years ago, but now the competitors are much more.